About Us

Creating products that enable insight and add value requires a mixture of art, science, technique and know-how.

Couple these with creative, lateral thinking, clarity of communication and an inherent ability to work across industry sectors & disciplines you will arrive at what we believe Graphite One is uniquely able to offer.

What we do

Put simply, our work is designed around what you want to achieve...

...improve performance

...win more business

...reduce inefficiency

...resolve and optimise resourcing levels

...scrutinise operational output

...determine product & service volume and mix strategies

...access more meaningful information

...quantify your risks and opportunities

...have greater control of today with insight into tomorrow

...determine if outsourcing is right for you

...select and reach agreement with supply chain partners

...mitigate contract penalties

...streamline and enhance recurrent reporting

... and so much more besides

We invest time to listen to your requirements then aim to deliver to a standard that exceeds your expectations.

Our commitment is to collaborate with you throughout each step of your project through to completion. 

Graphite One has the expertise to specify, design and build bespoke tools that reflect the uniqueness and ambitions of your business. 

We can help you from project inception, to articulate and clarify the challenge that you need to address, then we'll work alongside you to review the merits of different solutions before realising the final product.


Graphite One products are only part of what we deliver. Our expertise extends to developing the policy, processes, procedures and the infrastructure environment in your organisation.



Develop a list of your requirements and create a specification.  Agree expectations and ways of working.


Produce prototype(s) and assess suitability against original specification and requirements.


Develop the full functionality of the chosen prototype.

Populate with content.

Finalise reports.

Perform validity checks.


Sign off and handover.