Graphite One are experts at producing bespoke models that simulate different scenarios in a controllable environment.  This allows you to proactively and proportionally plan and execute your strategy – putting you in control and giving you a clear route to informed decisions.

Still taking a leap in the dark?  Our models can be deployed in any number of situations.  We can help you from project inception to articulate and clarify the challenge that you are attempting address, review and advise on the merits of different approaches and help you to realise the final product.

We think our models are a little bit special, and so do our clients.

We model all aspects of delivery, not just finances.  We can evaluate the types of resources you need and when you need them. 

We have modelled and advised upon:

college and prison building configuration

vehicle fleet composition

allocation of market share across complex supply chains

interventions assisting jobseekers to find employment

housing portfolio required to accommodate a constant churn of prospective tenants

customer throughput and level of consumer spend

staff required on duty through a 24/7 shift rota

converting leads into sales

recruitment and staff development planning

contract performance penalties & mitigations

profiling workloads to assess resourcing needs

We offer models that can produce multiple concurrent scenarios,  with extensive sensitivity analysis available on any of the variables you choose.


We have developed a scenario manager which is more flexible and more transparent than the feature that is native to Excel.

Graphite One models have dashboards that illustrate key operational and resourcing metrics so you can assess the operational efforts needed to mobilise and sustain delivery.

Business Development & Tendering

Whether it’s to protect an existing market or entering into a new venture Graphite One specialises in partnering with your business development and bidding teams.

Having high quality products and advice that maximise your chances of success should not be left to chance.  Even the simplest of bids attracts endless jargon and demands a certain approach that could be unfamilar to your staff involved in the day to day running of your business.

Our clients return to us time and time again to support their bids and tenders. 

We regularly achieve the fine balance of making the offer compelling to the Procurer whilst ensuring it remains attractive & viable for you.

Engaging Graphite One has allowed our clients to better understand the wider impact of bid opportunities on their business, and produce more coherent and consistent proposals.

Frequently, qualitative reponses are built on information produced by Graphite One.

Analysis & Insight

Information will always carry a cost but only has value when it is used productively.

How do you use the data you collect?

You do use the data you collect, don't you?  All of it?

You do collect data? Is what you collect still relevant?

Never before have we had so much data available.  The result of having these riches is that we can be tempted to hoard and binge on data. 

Is your business data obese?  Is it time for a balanced data diet?

Graphite One's modelling (see above) relies on "business drivers" to paint a comprehensive picture of a business unit. 

Business drivers are the moving parts, the variables in a business that are dependent on each other, the component parts that either consume or produce resources.  We believe these are the key building blocks that business should be monitoring.  Graphite One can help you identify your drivers and determine the most efficient way to capture and process that information.

Our analysis experience includes:

Correlating and streamlining disparate and conflicting MI for a nightclub

Building a performance analysis tool that displays how effective Government employment initiatives have been at securing employment for long term unemployed

Creating a tool to piece together manual production inventory records to quantify the extent of a suspected fraud.  Integrating reports from the tool into the client's monthly reporting pack for ongoing use.

Working with a University to create a balanced scorecard

Developing a suite of reports for an accommodation provider to monitor key business drivers including tenant throughput, housing stock under-occupancy and length of rental

Template design to capture, consolidate and report supply chain attributes